C.R College of Education, Hisar provide neat and clean Hostel facility for Girls only.

Capacity: 60 students.

Every room must come with the basic set of furniture a student need. A bed, a private wardrobe, study table, and a chair. There should be sufficient space between the furniture of adjacent students so that everyone gets their necessary personal space.

The warden is the hostel's supervisor. She is incharge of all the happenings of the hostel premises and you must take all your issues to her. Naturally, she must be available at all times, should be receptive of your communication and take active steps in implementing your suggestions.

College maintain their hostels within the college premises, invests heavily on security and do not leave any room for compromises.

No corner of your selected hostel can be unhygienic. Be it your rooms or the dining area, cleanliness and hygiene should be the college's top priority. Here again, you can cordially ask the management about the frequency of cleaning the hostel premises, source of drinking water in the college or how many cleaning personnel does the college employ.

Hostel must have strict guidelines as per the way to live inside the premises. Rules and regulations ensure student safety to massive levels, maintain a peaceful environment and develops a disciplines lifestyle.