Library & Information Center

Library has an important role to play in an educational institution. It is an essential core element and a dynamic instrument for the development of a scholarly aptitude among the teachers and students. The founder of the college Seth Chajju Ram had great love for good books. So the college library started its functioning with the inception of the college in 1968 at Hisar. The library is well equipped with old and new books and a lot of other material. It has 14200 books in its stock. It subscribe to various educational journal, magazine, newspapers etc. Books are properly classified. Research and reference are well equipped.

The books are stocked in almirahs with glass panes to avoid dust but are open to student and teacher for consultation. There is a book bank and every student is provided a set of complete textbooks from this book bank. The library has a nice collection of rare documents and many retired Principals and teacher have donated their own books to it. It is updated from time to time on the recommendation of faculty members.

There is one computer in the library and computerization for automation of library is in process. A highly qualified and experienced librarian heads the library. A restorer, a library attendant, computer operator support him in his work.