Physical Science :

All the physical Science equipment, chemicals and apparatus “If science is poorly taught and badly learnt it is little more than burdening the mind with dead information and it could degenerate even into a new superstition.” – Kothari Commission Report.For an effective and efficient teaching in science a good laboratory with necessary equipment is essential. We don’t aim at stuffing the minds of the pupils with mere facts of science but at developing in them the application ability, skills of experiment combination, improvising scientific attitudes, interest appreciation etc. These can be achieved only if the students get the opportunities which pervades in science teaching.Keeping above aim is view a well equipped laboratory for doing Physic and Chemistry experiments has been established in the college. There is a lab. Attendant to maintain the lab. It is equipped with charts, models, gas, water supply and sewage facility.

Physical Science : Lab (Size : 20’x35’)