Psychological Laboratory :

Their laboratory is equipped with various psychological tests viz. intelligence test, personality test, general mental ability test, emotional intelligence test.The faculty makes use of these tests for training and counseling the pupil teachers. The college also utilizes there tests for diagnostic and formative purpose.Laboratory is a room for experimental work or research. A careful evaluation of the aims and values of teaching social studies clearly indicates that much equipment is needed in addition to text books and a few maps with in increasing number of aids the idea developed of a social studies laboratory has given rise to demand on the part of many teachers of these subjects.

In our SS Laboratory also different types of aids, text books, reference books, magazines, maps, globes, chart, and models are found. So our SS lab may be deferent as a from or group of rooms in which all written, audio and visual materials pertinent to the social studies instructors are contained.

So our laboratory is very helpful creating effective environment for study. It saves time and energy both the teacher and students. Moreover it is very useful in making teaching and learning effective.

Psychological Laboratory : Lab (Size : 20’x35’)