Sports Facilities :

Physical education is an important process in the all round development of a child. Its main objective is concerned with activities which develop and maintains a health and balanced human body. It effects the development of the total personality of the child and its fulfillment and perfection in body mind and spirit. Physical education has been accepted as an integral part of education to achieve the various aims and objective. We have established a fitness cum yoga centre in our college which provides different equipments like Multi exerciser Machine, Twisteper, Jogger, Stepper, Exercising cycle and weight lifting bench with 200kg weight.Main emphasis is given for yogic exercises, Pranayam and yogic asanas for building a balanced, mental and physical health of the students.

We have also provided and organized various games & sports like Badminton, Table tennis and Athletic events.

To achieve this purpose we have a standard 800 Mtr. Athletic Track.